Zoom Rocket Zoom


What could be cooler than blasting off in a rocket and exploring outer space? This colorful book gives kids an astronaut's-eye view of awesome space vehicles and thrilling missions.

Readers follow along as brave explorers rocket into space, touch down with a lunar lander, ride a moon buggy, explore new terrain, and scoop up samples to take back to Earth. Other astronauts dock at a space station, where they live and work, repair a satellite, and — whoopee! — do weightless somersaults in the air.

An exciting early introduction to all things outer space! A rhythmic, rollicking text pairs with bold, bright illustrations to capture the imaginations of young space explorers everywhere. This attention-grabbing read-aloud will spark the imagination of young space explorers from every corner of the universe.


  • ISBN: 9780545522533
  • Pages: 32
  • Ages: PreK-K