The Traits of Writing: A Big Classroom Reference Guide (Flip Chart)

A unique trait-based resource from expert Ruth Culham! This informative, student-friendly guide zeros in on the traits: ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions. For each, you"ll find a definition, writing tips, a scoring rubric, and two model essays (low- and high-scoring samples). Perfect for mini-lessons, small-group work, conferences, and more! 26 pages.

How to use this product:

Pick one “telling” statement from the low-scoring Ideas paper, the first letter about television, and ask students to turn it into a “showing” one. For example, students might pick “Kids like television.” They could rewrite it to read “When I’m really tired, my homework is done, the dog is fed, and the dinner dishes are all cleaned up, I love to sit down and watch television for a while. It’s my treat to myself after a long day.” Share this example with students and ask them to select another “telling” statement from the same paper and rewrite it to be a “showing” one!