Scholastic Literacy Pro


Literacy Pro empowers teachers with a blended learning solution that curates a personalized bookshelf for every child from grades K-6 and ensures purposeful and effective independent reading everyday.

Personalized Student Choice

Students develop a sense of ownership, purpose, and self-discovery when they choose what they want to read. Our innovative reading recommendation engine works in partnership with teachers to drive students toward books that will capture their interest and curiosity for a personalized and deeply rewarding reading experience.

Scholastic eBooks

We know that increased reading motivation, stamina, and growth all come down to finding the right book at the right time. With 24/7, simultaneous access to over 2,000 Scholastic ebooks and beloved authors, there are more opportunities for your students to find they want and can read.

Great libraries make great readers

Literacy Pro provides students with a personalized bookshelf filled with titles aligned to their interests and grade levels. When every reading experience is a positive one, students discover more about themselves through the joy of reading. We created Literacy Pro to give time back, do the heavy lifting, and be a tool that educators can lean on to enhance instruction and get a deeper understanding of their students.

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