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Science and social studies content comes alive with dynamic videos, interactive ebooks, and engaging projects ideas and activities!


Bring Nonfiction to Life!

TrueFlix is an online, 100% nonfiction literacy resource that leverages Scholastic’s award-winning True Book series with related video content. Students build knowledge of subject-area content through paired videos and ebooks while sharpening important literacy skills.

Watch the Video

TrueFlix delivers science and social studies content in an accessible, engaging process with introductory
videos to build background knowledge before students read the accompanying ebook.

Read the Book

An accompanying ebook provides a detailed overview of the topic to deepen understanding and spark further interest. 

Instructional Resources

Every topic includes student activities to extend instruction, soft assessments, and resources that support a variety of implementations.

TrueFlix Features:

_Web-based installation for anytime, anywhere access

_Relevant, engaging, and culturally-appropriate content

_Interactive Whiteboard compatible for whole-class or small-group instruction

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