Scholastic Classics: The Happy Prince & Other Stories


What do you know about Oscar Wilde? Here’s the thing: he didn’t just sit in an attic scribbling books and plays. He went from being a literary celebrity to a prisoner and outcast. This is the guy who said, ‘we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars’. So it’s no surprise that his self-written fairy tales aren’t just another take on Cinderella, but a moving look at life’s big questions. What is true love? What really matters? How can we be happy in our broken world? If you listen hard to what these tales are saying, they might just help you eke a bit more joy and wisdom out of this bittersweet drama we call life.

  • Oscar Wilde’s much-loved and totally original fairy tales
  • Beautifully written, both heartwarming and heartbreaking
  • Full of magic, imagination, elegance and powerful feeling
  • Allegorical tales that explore the nature of life and love