Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. The Stupid Stinkbugs from Saturn


From Dav Pilkey, creator of Captain Underpants, and acclaimed artist Dan Santat, an out-of-this-world friendship adventure with all-new full-color illustrations!

Oh, no! Ricky Ricotta and his Mighty Robot have to spend all day playing with Ricky's cousin Lucy. How boring! But when a smelly space-monster named Sergeant Stinkbug lands in Squeakyville and kidnaps Lucy, things get much, much worse. Luckily, Ricky Ricotta has a BIG plan to get out of this stinky situation.

  • ISBN13: 9780545630146
  • Format: Paperback Book
  • Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Ages 4 - 8
  • Grades: K - 3