The Man With The Plan and his friends return in this fifth romp in the Swindle series!

HIDEOUT: a place to escape detection, especially when being chased by someone determined to have revenge.

When Griffin Bing and his friends first met Luthor, he was a vicious attack dog working for the slimy S. Wendell Palomino, also known as Swindle. The kids rescued Luthor and never thought they'd see Swindle again. But now Swindle's returned, and he wants his dog back!

Swindle has manipulated the law so that there's no way for Savannah Drysdale to keep Luthor in her house. But before he can be taken away, they decide to make him disappear, away from Swindle.

Six kids. Three hideouts. One extremely large dog. What could possibly go wrong?

ISBN: 9780545505475

Pages: 288