GR Short Reads NONFICTION Level P Pack


The all-new Guided Reading Short Reads Nonfiction gives students the practice they need to read and understand the complex, informational texts that we encounter every day. Students dive right into challenging & relevant content while learning key strategies to uncover deep meaning. With a wide range of subjects and text types, students will expand their academic and domain-specific vocabulary and deepen their comprehension and analytical skills. Put it all together, and Guided Reading Short Reads Nonfiction is an essential tool to prepare all K-6 students for assessments and real world readiness.

NEW! Guided Reading Short Reads Nonfiction:
• Fits seamlessly into classroom guided reading groups
• Teaches strategies for decoding and comprehending complex texts
• Builds rich domain-specific vocabulary across content areas
• Engages students with thematically linked passages across text types
• Provides sufficiently complex, short informational texts worthy of being read, reread, and analyzed

Level P:

Informational texts at this level include history and biography, enabling readers to learn how to gain information from a variety of structures; concepts may include issues of early adolescence.

Level P Titles

  • On This Day, April 14, 1912
  • Thunderstorm!
  • The Sonoran Desert
  • Fantastic Fish
  • What’s So Funny?
  • Why Do Roaches Rule?
  • Weather
  • Smile and Say Kimchi!
  • Oak Street Farmers’ Market
  • Animal Keeper


  • ISBN13: 9780545798303
  • Format: Guided Reading Collection
  • Grades: 3 - 4
  • Guided Reading Level: GR Level P