Building Real-Life Math Skills

This practical resource helps students build essential skills for managing the typical math scenarios they encounter every day. Through high-interest lessons, guided activities, and reproducible independent pages, students practice standards-based math skills, such as estimating prices, calculating discounts, reading schedules, evaluating nutrition labels, and more. Scenarios take place at a diner, movie theater, amusement park, sporting event, and many other kid-pleasing, realistic settings!

How to use this product:

Each real-life math lesson follows the same three-part format:
1. Teaching Guide: A one- or two-page plan to help you make the most of the lesson.
2. Let’s Work Together: A reproducible introductory activity that you and students use together to explore an example of real-life math.
3. Now It’s Your Turn: A reproducible practice page featuring a similar type of real-life math, so that students can apply their new skills, working independently or with partners.