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Brain Breaks for the Classroom

40 fun exercises help students take a quick break and return to their work refreshed and ready to learn. Each exercise is designed to get more oxygen and energy to students" brains, improve their focus, and calm their nervous systems. The result: increased motivation, cooperation, and learning in the classroom. Includes a full-color poster with five easy moves all kids can do when they need a “brain break”!

How to use this product:

Take a deep breath. Let your whole body lengthen as you inhale and then lengthen even more as you exhale, as though your head is a balloon floating upward and your spine is the string trailing below. If you feel that you might float away altogether, stamp your feet to bring yourself back to the earth.

Teach children to use their breath and you’ll teach them to pay attention to themselves, bringing awareness to their bodies on the inside and outside. It’s a short step from there to students’ awareness of themselves in relation to others—especially their classmates and teachers. You might say that the class that breathes together or “shares the air” is a group united in a most fundamental and potent place—the beginning.